We’ll be using the northern field and parking lot at South Seattle College.

Parking, RVs, and camping#

There will be plenty of parking space at the South Seattle College North Parking Lot.

You are welcome to bring an RV or camper and to stay overnight, in order to operate all night! You may also bring a small tent and set up on the field.


We will have a hand-washing station and ADA-compliant portapotties. Meals will be provided for Saturday lunch and dinner, as well as breakfast on Sunday. If you have dietary requirements, please let us know as soon as possible.

Please ensure you bring anything you may need – water, snacks, sunscreen (we hope), a folding chair…

On-site communications#

We’ll use 147.520 MHz FM simplex (ACS-V26) for local comms. Bring an HT and join in the local chat.