Seattle Radio Field Day 2023#

As in previous years, three Seattle-area amateur radio clubs are joining forces for a joint Field Day in 2023! Please join the Puget Sound Repeater Group, the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club, and Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service on June 24th and 25th, 2023.




What is Field Day ?#

ARRL Field Day is the largest amateur radio event in the United States. Each year, tens of thousands of operators set up stations in fields and remote locations, mimicking an emergency situation where no mains power is available, and stations (including their antennas) are temporary setups. Field Day is a 24-hour marathon where clubs gather and operators take turns operating these stations, racking up as many contacts as possible. Finally, it’s a wonderful learning event, with plenty of opportunities to try new modes or bands, and to get acquainted with many aspects of amateur radio, whether you’re an old hand or don’t yet have a license.


For more information about what Field Day is like, check out our Field Day in Detail page.

Who ?#

All are welcome! Amateur radio operators, as well as those without their radio licenses, are welcome to join in any of our activities. Get on the air on our voice, digital, or CW stations; build antennas; attend talks and participate in activities; or just join us for a meal and to talk radio.

Where ?#

This year, we will be at the north field of South Seattle College. You’re welcome to stay the night!

What ?#

We will be running several transceivers, so you can experience SSB (single sideband voice), CW (Morse code), or digital modes on HF. We’ll also have SSB and FM available on VHF and UHF. Our Get On the Air (GOTA) station is ready to help those without licenses get on the air and experience the HF bands.

We will have a number of activities and educational talks you can attend. Join us to learn about building antennas, fox-hunting, Morse code, emergency communications, and more.

Let us know#

Whether you’re just attending, or would like to help out, we’d love to know what you’re looking for. Please sign up to run a station or help out with arrangements.